Blasphemous Revenants Productions 


Who We Are

We are a newly-formed record label dedicated to extreme forms of music with an emphasis on dark, spiritual concerns.

We are looking to assist quality black metal, death metal, and dark ambient/experimental groups with a message that goes beyond the mundane trappings of most of the aforementioned musical genres.  Other genres are acceptable in certain cases.

Owned by Jarl Svipdagr.

Why Us?

The extreme/experimental music scene is changing drastically, especially with the advent of piracy and downloading. Blasphemous Revenants Productions wishes to circumvent the issues that come with the digital word by providing high quality tape pressings. This not only makes it more difficult for your recordings to be put on the internet illegally, but it also upholds the old spirit of the tape trading era that existed decades ago.

The "D.I.Y. Ethic"

Blasphemous Revenants Productions adheres to what some people call the "D.I.Y. Ethic."  Our releases are hand-made at our headquarters and usually ultra-limited.  We feel that this provides our consumers with a more personal product that they can appreciate more than something that came from a factory.